About Us

First off, thank you for being curious about us apart from the recipes we share with you. It’s always astonishing and also exciting to learn about people’s journey and if that journey includes creating content that can help people eat and live better then it’s the best.

At Life is Delicious, our aim is to create uncomplicated, easy-to-make mostly healthy (because we also want you to find that balance where you treat yourself with Jalebis now and then), vegetarian recipes.

If you’ve browsed through the blog you must have noticed that apart from sharing plenty of Indian recipes (North and South), we also want people living in India to discover global cuisines and that is why we create some international recipes using mostly local ingredients which can be found easily in your nearby market or online (We also generally suggest alternatives to many of our ingredients that may not be easily available).

Life is Delicious believes in sustainable, healthy home-cooked eating, so if you’re someone who is looking for inspiration to start cooking more often or turning vegetarian, you’re at the right place.

Let’s be mindful of what we put in our bodies and have some fun with cooking.

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